supervisory board
EMPC is led by the most experienced thought leadership talent in the country, whose creative and innovative ideas on talent management has a significant impact on organisational business strategy.
The Supervisory Board supervises the policy pursued by the Managing Board, the Managing Board's performance of its managerial duties and the company's general course of affairs, taking account of the interests of all the company's stakeholders.
The Supervisory Board consists of at least three members. Members are appointed for a period of four years and may then be appointed once for a period of four years. Members may then subsequently be reappointed again for a period of two years, which may be extended by at most two years.
The functioning of and decision-making within the Supervisory Board are governed by the Regulations of the Supervisory Board, which have been drawn up in line. In line with the Code, the Supervisory Board has established from among its members an Audit Committee, a Nomination Committee, a Remuneration Committee and a Sustainability Committee. The task of these committees is to prepare the decision-making of the Supervisory Board.
The functioning and tasks of these committees are governed by charters