Review Process Policy
Publication Guidelines
There are following step for submitting paper:
Submission of Manuscript/Paper
Review of Your Paper within 2 Days You will get your Acceptance and Rejection Notification
Submission of Necessary Documents and OAP charges After acceptance of paper.
Download and Filling Copyright Form and Undertaking Form available in Author Home
Submission of Necessary Documents. (send this all 5 Require Documents to
After Receiving this all 5 required documents your paper will be publish within 3 to 4 Days.
Prospective authors are invited to submit original papers (not being considered for publication elsewhere) in standard format (that is provided) describing new theoretical and/or experimental research. Author can submit paper with have any number of pages including figures, tables, and references. Submissions will be judged on originality, significance, interest, clarity, relevance, correctness, and presentation.
The peer review process can be broadly summarized into steps & Diagram