Research Project Implementation
Statistical Analysis
Need help analyzing data in SPSS, Excel, eViews, Polystat, Stata, LaTeX, or Matlab? We can help you. 100% Confidential.
Our specialist statisticians are able to advise you on the best way of setting up your research and data collection methods. If you have yet to collect your data, we are able to create an Excel file for you to input your results.
We are able to help you with all your statistical analysis needs, whether you are working on a specific area of research or interpreting a large and multifaceted dataset.
In every academic course, particularly when it comes to research, conducting statistical analysis is of more significant. Performing statistical analysis needs excellent subject knowledge and it can become more demanding if you don’t have the capability to use the software packages such as SPSS, Matlab, Excel and Stata. Are you worried that you don’t have the skills to perform statistical analysis to earn your required academic grade? Do you think that you are running out of time? If yes, then Aristocrat statistical analysis pedagogy will be your right choice that provides complete support for your research work.
Our professional statisticians are all with necessary qualifications and experience to deliver your work which will be of highest standard. We have a wide range of professionals skilled in all academic disciplines to ensure you high grade whenever you use statistical analysis pedagogy at Aristocrat.
Our Guarantees
You will receive support with your quantitative and qualitative data from experienced statisticians who are familiar with various methods of qualitative analyses.
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⇒ 100% confidential
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Feel free to inquire further for more information about how our statistical consultants can meet all of your statistical consulting needs with our statistical Analysis pedagogy.
If you are in need of analyzing data in SPSS, Excel, eViews, Polystat, Stata, LaTeX, or Matlab?
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Structural Equation Modeling Analysis
Relationship between variables determines the Statistical Research. The most ideal approach to check the fitness of a model or build up a relationship is to put on Structural Equation Modeling  which is an extension of General Linear Model (GLM). With SEM, a researcher can be allowed to examine several regression equations simultaneously. Complex relationships and models like confirmatory factor analysis and time series analysis can also examined using SEM.
AMOS – Analysis of Moment Structure has been developed to provide easy accessible of SEM for the research students. It will be a best resource designed for the PhD students those who are new to SEM and statistics.
At Aristocrat, we have a team of PhD statisticians who are well-experienced with the software and can offer best SEM analysis help with AMOS. If the academic institution has recommended you to use this specific software for your data analysis, then we are here to assist you with complete SEM analysis.
All our PhD statisticians are well-versed with the software and offer SEM analysis help using AMOS to research students whose academic institutions have recommended them to use this specific software for their data analysis.
MAT LAB Implementation
The use of development tools and high-level language you can develop algorithms in MAT-LAB which is a language of technical computing and standard software used by more than 5000 universities worldwide. MAT-LAB helps you to code faster than any other traditional languages like C, C++ or FORTRAN as it does not require low-level administrative tasks like allocating memory, specifying data types and declaring variables. A numerous lines of C or C++ codes can be replaced by a single MAT-LAB code. Iterative processes such as editing, debugging and testing of multiple designs can be assisted using MAT-LAB without linking or compiling. MAT-LAB is a good way to analyze the results of various tests, and make modifications for future scenarios. This high level programming language finds a use in building models for research in following domains: 
Electronics ,Telecommunications ,Computer Science ,Information Technology 
At Aristocrat, our experts can assist you in your PhD thesis MAT-LAB implementation by developing the algorithms and implementing them using MAT-LAB. With this software, which is well known for its enormous mathematical, engineering and scientific functions we help you transform your ideas to algorithms. We have a team of professionals who have experience and knowledge in MAT-LAB to develop a perfect and precise algorithm.
Big Data Analysis
For most organizations, big data analytics is a challenge. Consider the high volume and the different formats of the data (both structured and unstructured data) that is collected across the entire organization, and the many different ways /types of data can be combined, contrasted and analyzed to find patterns and other useful business information.
Big data analytics is the process of collecting organizing and analyzing large sets of data to discover patterns and other useful information. Aristocrat Research helps your organizations for better understanding of the information contained within the data and we will also help to identify the data that is most important to the business and future business decisions.
We help you to define a Big Data strategy and select appropriate technologies and vendors based on your requirements and budget. We also ensure that it complements your existing data warehouse/ BI investments.
Our Big Data analyst teams have a comprehensive view of the many options available and help you to evaluate both commercial product vendors and Open Source options.
Our big data pedagogy help you to achieve the both objectives of revenue maximization and increased operational efficiency. Our big data solutions provide you with the right client insights leading to newer revenue sources through cross sell and upsell, while helping them identify revenue leakages and fraud, thereby, driving profitability. Through a comprehensive set of big data pedagogy and big data solutions across the spectrum, from big data consulting to support and managed pedagogy, we help you generate actionable insights from your big data initiatives.