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No Training institute can beat us in fee structure We provide at the lowest possible fees, We don’t mind if you ask for even lower fees and it's always negotiable
At Edison Institute of Research and Education, we are justifiably proud of our company, which is quickly becoming the preferred destination for medical education in South India.
Students at Edison Institute get the opportunity to interact with, and learn from, some of the best professionals in their chosen area. The academic team has been carefully selected as much for their professional competence as for their passion for teaching. We believe that learning should be mutually rewarding and enjoyable; and students find Edison Institute teachers open, accessible and supportive of their goals and aspirations.
Edison Institute vision is to enable Healthcare for All. Our focus on universal healthcare translates to unmatched opportunities for students and researchers to work on public health issues and understand the challenges. Our multi-specialty charitable hospital draws hundreds of patients from nearby villages every day. Combined with our community engagement initiatives, this makes us a natural hub for front-line studies on a diverse range of health issues.
Students of Edison Institute learn in arguably one of the best equipped campuses in the country. Our  self-contained township includes sophisticated learning resources such as multimedia libraries, labs and museums. It also has a full range of student amenities such as hostels, cafeterias, gyms and recreation options.

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Project Coordinator,
Cell: +91-6382200310 /04286-229505,
No:168/257, Co-operative Colony,
Mohanur Road, Namakkal-637001.