Connecting engineers and developing research is our tag line and we at ERFP have dedicated towards it commits of ERFP favor’s enhancements and incubation of scientific studies through integrated interactions.

With a necessity of formation of multi-disciplinary Research and Development Association for transformation of our country. Our leaders and top executives of Technoarete Groups felt the need of ERFP transactions.

ERFP focus on foundation, formations and operations of our associations and societies to unite researchers of common interest. Our organization operates several units like associations, societies, chapters, sections, advisory board, committees and other executive councils for smooth execution and management of our dream of scientific India.

Consisting of thousands of experts and scientist on micro scale areas of researchers, ERFP operates scientific association and professional societies all across the world.

With formation of Zonal chapters and ERFP section in different cities, districts and states. We have partially integrated academic institution and engineers of our country. Every college and Universities are encouraged to install center of excellence and ERFP student chapter to make their young researchers come out and excel of international research forums.


With our professional members, scientist and experts wishes and continues support, we have been successful operate and active professional organization like ERFP and our other associates.

 Global Association of Nanotechnology
 Association of Cloud Technologists 
 International Association for Big Data Analysts 
 International Wireless Network Association
 World Association for Structural Engineers and Many More...


ERFP to make its vision further more clear and mission possible has decided to launch exclusive Zonal Chapter for Academic and Research at several cities, states in India. ERFP Zonal Chapter welcomes you to a vast academic family consisting of leading Professional from academic and research institutes located at every cities and states.


 Bengaluru Chapter,
 Tirupati Chapter,
 Kolhapur Chapter
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ERFP provides its members with an opportunity to form Professional Chapters in different parts of the country in order to organize various Programs, Conferences & Events for the benefit of ERFP members locally as well as the ERFP Community in general. Apply Now


ERFP Student Chapters provide unique opportunities to learn and develop leadership skills, research development, networking, mentoring and bonding also generate interest in advancement of education and research in the field of science, engineering and technology. Apply Now