MS Office Training in Namakkal


Microsoft Office, also shortly called as MS Office, is a popular software suite that consists of several desktop publishing programs. It is equipped with everything that will come to use in a typical office setting. Computer users can work on the different Microsoft Office suites that are aimed for students, home users, corporations, and small businesses. The type of product that you select depends on your circumstance. Enroll in the Best MS Office Training Course in Namakkal to know the importance of this great product.


Advantages Of MS Office


MS Office is the industry standard as far desktop publishing is concerned. MS Office is mandatory to stay abreast with industry trends.MS Office is available in varied kinds of software. If you wish to write a letter to your client, then MS Word is the correct software. Microsoft Publisher assists in forming a business brochure. You can use MS Excel for the client database. To be precise, the MS Office suite has everything you require for running your business.

Any type of business can gain from the Microsoft suite. For example, organizations can use MS Word for internal memos and publications.MS Office is reputed for being simple to use. Each program is equipped with useful features so that you can achieve almost any objective. You can use this powerful software for both personal and business use. There is also the provision of comprehensive help files if you get stuck.


Why Take up MS Office Training?


Presently, good knowledge of Microsoft application is one of the fundamental requirements for most of the job profiles in every organization. You should be strong and should have sufficient knowledge of Microsoft programs whether you are an accountant, office assistant, business analyst, marketing manager, etc. This skill is very much in demand and is used in several administrative positions.

When you take up best MS Office training course in Namakkal, it opens up an excellent career opportunity as per your skill sets. You can be more productive and confident once you complete the course. Since MS Office is widely used in the workplace, it is essential for everyone to be accustomed to its application. Once you complete the training from the best MS Office training institute in Namakkal, you can choose analytical and challenging roles.


Prerequisites For attending MS Office Course in Namakkal

A basic grasp of computer is enough to take up MS Office training in Namakkal.

Who can Attend Microsoft Office training in Namakkal?

  • Freshers
  • Working Professionals
  • Business Owners
  • Those who are keen on developing technological Skills


Overview of Popular Microsoft Office tools


It is critical that you attend MS office training from the best MS Office training institute in Namakkal because of the reputation and importance of MS Office tools.


Microsoft Office Word


Being one of the most widely used text application, MS Word is used to build, format, draw, or edit text. It is a highly user-friendly tool and comprises various applications that you can use to create text in any way you wish.

Advanced users of MS Word also have a comprehension of creating and editing tables, reviewing and sharing documents, inserting imaged and editing them, adding header and footer, etc.


Microsoft Office Excel


Every commercial organization feels the need for MS Excel in one way or the other. It helps us to calculate data and use the formula for necessary calculations. There is no requirement of exclusive accounting software; you can input data and create sheets for primary accounting purpose.

Excel consists of some fantastic options to edit data the way you prefer. You can build a detailed report applying various formulae in Excel. You have the facility to edit, format or filter data the way you prefer and no be satisfied with just keying it and calculating it. You have the benefit of massive spreadsheets. This assists you to arrange all your data in specific files.


Microsoft Office PowerPoint


Building presentations are highly easy with MS PowerPoint. You can create the right presentation to attract the audience. You can introduce useful highlights to your presentation. Besides text and picture, you can even include videos in your presentation.

Advanced uses of PowerPoint allow you to create masters slides as templates, inserting and editing text boxes, etc. Get to know all these from the Best MS Office Training Course in Namakkal.


Microsoft Outlook


MS Outlook is regarded as one of the best applications to control and send emails. It allows you to collaborate and manage your emails in an efficient manner. You have the facility to customize your user profile, merge and control in emails, form calendars to schedule your tasks, etc.


MS Office course fees and duration


The course fee for MS Office training in Namakkal is reasonable. Are you having any questions regarding time, place, and length of the training session? Then you can contact our educational counselors.

MS Office Training Duration
Track Regular Track Fast Track Super Fast Track
Course Duration 30 – 40 Days 5 Weekends 8 Days
Hours 2 hours a day 6 hours a day 8 hours a day
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom


MS Office syllabus


The syllabus for MS Office is highly comprehensive and covers all the details of this vital course. The trainers are diligent enough to make sense of the content to the students in an easy manner. Moreover, the syllabus is framed as per the industry standards.

  • Fundamentals of Computers
  • Windows Seven Overview
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Burning CD/DVD
  • E-Mail & Internet Access
  • Typing Master