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Comprehensive International Curriculum, with case studies, Peer reviewed journals as a reference case for your methodology
A Capstone project – identify problem of their choice and engage with experts to produce a substantial report
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In order to, people are very enthusiastic while starting PhD but became wavering about what topic to select. In fact, you may think that search for the right topic is not an easy role, but you will succeed when you think with right attitude and serenity. As well as, selecting the right topic is the stepping stone of creating a good dissertation. Therefore, research students cast a great deal of efforts in selecting the elite topic for their thesis or dissertation.
At the same time, we furnish journals topic selection services to pledge that the students have the capability to get relaxed for the perfect topic for their research project. Moreover, our technical team will direct you through the dissertation process altogether and they will assist you in selecting an apt as well as advanced hot topic to begin with your research.
As far as the publication of manuscripts is concerned, most researchers vie for publication in international journals, as that adds to the credibility of a researcher. This requires meeting international standards and conforming to various mandates laid down by different journals. These mandates or standards include proper citations, precise abstracts, impeccable research methodology, correct data analysis, proper formatting, and error-free language. All of these compliance are difficult for a researcher to achieve on his/her own. Thus, it is always recommended that they take help right when they feel uncomfortable handling a manuscript development or publishing issue.
At PhD Research Guide, we offer research paper publication support services by professionals who have years of work experience with renowned publications. Thus, our consultants are aware of international-level publishing standards set by various journals in different academic areas. They are also aware of every journals readership, impact factor rating, and article preferences. When you take help from our mentors, they can assist you right from the manuscript writing stage to its publication.
If you are confused about the type of journal you should pick, then we help you judge the suitability according to your study type and its fitment. For enhancing your manuscript and making it flawless, we review its quality and improve the content presentation, as well as correct every single linguistic and formatting mistake. Our consultants help you comply with all the guidelines issued by a specific journal in which you intend to publish your work. Additionally, we work on highlighting the contributions of your study. Our ultimate goal is to make your manuscript well-shaped and polished so it can gain immediate approval on its first submission.
Our research paper publication support services can be easily customized to your needs for editing, formatting, submission, or even the entire service.
And conforming to various mandates laid down by the journals (These include proper citations, precise abstracts, impeccable research methodology, correct data analysis, formatting and error free language). All of these compliance are difficult for the researcher to achieve on his/her own.
With our complete range of services, we assist authors right from writing the manuscript till the publication. Our services can be easily customized to authors need for editing, formatting, submission or the full service.

PhD journals paper  Selection
Especially, our technical specialists approach the customer to get some informative details regarding their research interests. To begin with, we try to understand your domain interest in the researching field. In fact, after determining your domain interest, we will surf and explore the classical works through various internet sources. Hence, from this investigation we will conclude some topics as most recent as well as, hot topics in that specific research arena.
As a matter of fact, the typical issues in the existing fields are noted and the most significant issue is chosen. To illustrate, solve that issue a new, innovative and advanced techniques are introduced. In fact, combining all these domain specification, novel methodologies, journals paper is selected. Moreover, we will try to incorporate this research topic in the real time applications.