In a PhD research, you cannot take the risk of submitting unformatted documents. If your thesis or research paper is not formatted completely or properly, then it may spoil the readability and even the meaning of your content at times. A badly written and unformatted text and graphics can also become a cause of rejection by your reviewers. Thus, we provide you professional assistance in formatting all your research documents so your content becomes well presentable. Check out the aspects we cover under our thesis formatting services in Chennai for the following formats:
Your academic institution may give you certain formatting guidelines and a specific citation or referencing style to follow. Our editors ensure that you comply with every single guideline. They also make sure to format your citations and references according to the given style, whether it is MLA, APA, Harvard, or any other format.
We structure your text and graphics, as well as check the labelling and alignment. We correct the overall layout of your content.
Further, we help you with pagination and bulletin and numbering.
We also correct headings and subheadings in order to make them consistent throughout your document.
Even if there is inconsistency in the used fonts or colours, we make the required amendments.
We work on several other formatting issues related to indentation, paper size, page margins, paragraph spacing, illustrations, section ordering, and headers and footers.
We format your graphs, charts, diagrams, figures, and tables in addition to the rest of the formatting aspects.
By availing our professional thesis formatting services in Chennai, you can be sure of submitting a well-presentable and impressive paper or thesis that can look neat and tidy. Thus, your document can be a joy for your readers to go through. If you want to know more about our thesis formatting services in Chennai, then simply write to us at We will get back quickly with the necessary details.