Best Japanese Classes in Namakkal

Best Japanese Classes in Namakkal




Are you searching for an institute that offers the best Japanese Language Training in Namakkal? Do you want to learn this unique language from expert teachers? Then contact ETI today and become an expert in Japanese.

Japanese is extensively spoken language in Asia and is in one of the top positions in the list of the largest language used on the Internet. When you are fluent in Japanese, you can have better career scope in Japan. At ETI, we provide Japanese language training in Namakkal for youngsters, job seekers, students, homemakers, and seasoned professionals. Our Japanese classes are highly interactive.


The Difficulty Level of Learning Japanese


Learning Japanese isn’t simple, and it will take time. How long? Well, it’s relative. For this, contact the technical counselors of ETI. They will explain in detail about the levels of the training.


The Competitive Edge of Japanese Language

Most of the people in India who learn a foreign language opt for a European language like French, German, or Spanish. But perhaps Japanese too has the capacity of being the first choice. That said, selecting a less commonly taught language will be the differentiating factor on your CV and make you shine in the crowd.


Japanese Language Training in Namakkal


Studying the Japanese language on your own can be very difficult as you concentrate on the aspects you are most comfortable with. But when you study in ETI, which has a formal curriculum with teachers who are dedicated to your improvement, you will gain considerable proficiency in the language.

Join in the Japanese Language Training in ETI. We comprehend the need of the Japanese language for those who are keen on an international career. Japan is a flourishing country which is highly forward in terms of technology. Japan is also a famous tourist destination and a prominent country in international trade and commerce. Are you thinking of expanding your career in a foreign country? Then Japan can be the right destination for you.


Courses Duration for Japanese Classes in Namakkal

Japanese Training Duration
Track Regular Track Fast Track Super Fast Track
Course Duration 30 – 40 Days 5 Weekends 8 Days
Hours 2 hours a day 6 hours a day 8 hours a day
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom


Career Benefits and Job Prospects in Japanese

The word Japan brings the word technology to mind for several individuals. This is truer when you regard that most Indians view Japanese as one of the most significant and widespread of all the languages in Southeast Asia.

Translation and interpretation are one of the most attractive career opportunities for those who speak Japanese. Several companies in public and private sectors need their services.


A Rich, Lively, Colorful and Distinct Culture

Japanese culture is indeed inspiring. This is one of the chief reasons why people learn Japanese. When you learn Japanese, you will gain a unique insight into the culture, ethos, and customs.

Japan is a beautiful country with a vast, rich, and unique history. It is a blend of conventional and modern practices. The country has a plethora of historical locations, and it has some of the most amiable people in the world. Most of us would know karaoke, bonsai, origami, and a lot more. These will inspire people to learn the language.


Japanese Exam levels


The JLPT includes five levels comprising N1, N2, N3, N4, N5. The easiest level is N5 and the difficult level is N1. Perform in these levels with confidence after learning Japanese from ETI.  The trainers provide the training in such a manner that you can easily crack the exams. After all, the objective of Sofltogic is that you get a new vision of life when you learn a foreign language as Japanese. We want to remove the cultural barriers and instill bilingualism skills in the candidate.  In the present scenario, bilingualism is also one of the most sought-after skills.


Beautiful Words in Japanese


Every language has beautiful words, and Japanese too is no different. That said, for a foreigner, the Japanese words including Komorebi (sunlight travelling through the trees), Itadakimasu (this word meaning “I humbly receive” is said prior to every meal), Shouganai (meaning there’s no point in brooding about a situation that is beyond control) etc., really sound beautiful. Want to learn more interesting Japanese words? Then enroll in ETI for a rewarding experience.

Learning a new language is always good, and you will gain a new vision to life once you excel in the new language. Bilingualism is also one of the most sought-after real-world skills in the current scenario. People will appreciate you for your language skills, and the career scope is also good. So why don’t you contact the educational counselors of ETI today and take your interest in the Japanese language to the next level? Our trainers will be glad to impart training in this beautiful language which will open the door for great career opportunities.