Best German Training in Namakkal

Best German Training in Namakkal




“A different language is a different vision of life “

Did you have a fancy over the German language since your childhood? Do you want to take higher education overseas? Do you want to work in Germany but wondering how to learn the language? Or you just want to pursue it as a hobby? Well, it’s not a big deal anymore! You can enroll in the German training provided by proficient trainers at Softlogic. Join the German classes in Namakkal today and easily converse in German


The Benefits of Learning a New Language


The benefits of learning foreign languages are emerging as the world turns out widely globalized, and bilingualism also becomes the most critical real-world skill. Foreign language learning is all about learning the ethos of the language and learning how to communicate with others. You would very well know that learning a foreign language can enhance your employment prospects. For example, even in small scale organizations, the chances are that the proficiency in speaking a second language will make you shine. Besides, in the competitive job market that is rising day by day, why don’t you give the required edge by joining the German classes in Chennai? After all, learning a second language as German is a wise decision. And not to forget the weight it gives to your resume, which will be an eye-catcher!


Scope of Learning the German Language


If you are an English speaker, then gaining knowledge of German is not complicated. Several German words are found in the English language.

When you are thinking of visiting European countries, knowledge of Germany will help you immensely. German is one of the commonly spoken languages in those countries. It is a native language of over 100 million individuals worldwide. And do you know one more thing? Germany is regarded as part of the world’s best cultural site by the tourism departments.


German: Called as the “Sister” language of English


When English speakers study German, they will have the relaxation of finding a plethora of words that are similar in both languages. However, one should be careful of some words that appear and sound the same but have entirely different meanings. The German word ‘gift” means poison in German while, as you know, it is a present in English.


German Boasts Words that Don’t Exist in English


One of the striking features of the German language is its beauty of forming new, specific words that seamlessly express life. For instance, Torschlusspanik refers to the anxiety initiated by the feeling that time is running out for you to act. It literally implies “gate-closing panic.” This specifically refers to people as they age, who are worried that they have to make the best of the opportunity before time runs away.

Softlogic has understood the benefit of learning the German language and hence providing comprehensive German training in Namakkal. We don’t want the trainees to see German as just another way of communication. We want them to learn the beauty of this straight-forward language. This language is highly expressive and sounds excellent when spoken softly. This is true regarding any language, but for those people who consider learning German difficult, this is a crucial point to consider.


Career Opportunities for Learning German


There are a lot of fantastic advantages in learning languages, in this context, German. Of all the benefits, the career scope as a language learner, good salary for language specialist, and higher studies in the German-speaking places are few of the key driving factors. It can be even be for your hobby purpose. Whatever is the drive, German language as a career is full of great opportunities. Professional German translators, interpreters, content writers, and proofreaders, are always in demand. So why don’t you take your interest in the German language to the next level by joining our German classes?


Get Ready for the German Language Exam


Six levels of exams are available for the German language. This consists of A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2. In each level, the candidates are gauged on four different skill sets, comprising writing, speaking, reading, and listening. Softlogic trains the students in such a way that there are excellent results in the certification examination. We have in-depth study materials and well-prepared practice sessions.


The ETI Advantage


The mission of ETI is to provide world-class teaching techniques through the expert teaching of excellent teachers. We concentrate on enhancing the conversational skills in the students using lively discussions and other state-of-the-art teaching materials. Besides the German Language Training we also let know the candidates about the culture and history of Germany.

Want to learn the language which has good reasons to be the lingua franca of Central and Eastern Europe? Then contact the educational counselors of Sofltogic today and take your interest in this straight-forward language to the next level. Our counselors will explain to you about the training, and you can rest assured that you can cherish the learning for your lifetime. So please visit our office today or call our counselors. All the best for your German Language Training in Namakkal


German Language Course Fees and Duration

German Language Training Duration
Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 30 – 40 Days 5 Weekends According to your Convenience
Hours 2 hours a day 6 hours a day Fits your Requirements
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom

German Language Training Course Syllabus in Namakkal

  • Level 1: German A1 Certification
  • Level 2: German A2 Certification
  • Level 3: German B1 Certification
  • Level 4: German B2 Certification
  • Level 5: German C1 Certification
  • Level 6: German C2 Certification