Best French Classes in Namakkal

Best French Classes in Namakkal




Being multilingual doesn’t only add weight to your CV, but it’s also an excellent way to comprehend different cultures of the world. Knowing a foreign language as French has evolved to be extremely advantageous. Being able to talk in a foreign language as French assists you in making a good connection with individuals.


Career Prospects of Learning French


Learning a foreign language opens the door for several employment opportunities. For example, for businesses, it is essential to gain a strong foothold in the global economy. This can be accomplished if they comprehend the language of their international clients. Most organizations hence recruit candidates with foreign language skills as French.

If you are seriously contemplating on the international job market, including French to your skills will enhance your chances of getting hold of a high-paying job. Several organizations that are functioning in the aeronautic, banking and finance, hotel management, education, etc., demand French as eligibility for requirement.

You can work in export and import sector, KPO, BPO, travel and tourism, French embassy, hospitality, etc. The competency in French can bring in a lot of professional advantage, and you have the chance to dive into a career as a French language interpreter or translator.


Access to an Enduring Culture


French is generally considered as the language of a lasting and unique culture. Learning French introduces you to a world of rich literature present in the original French.

As of now, French has the highest number of recipients for the coveted Nobel Prize for Literature. Knowing French lets you to comprehend cultural diversity, which will boost your competitive advantage overseas.


You can Take up Higher Education in France

Want to learn French? Within Europe, French comes within the top 5 places for international students. Higher education in France is renowned for grooming talented professionals who are immensely skilled. The organizations will perceive you as a candidate with a problem-solving mindset. Indians who are aware of French can gain a scholarship from the French government to study in France.


Prominent Language of the Internet


French is one of the leading languages on the Internet. Besides, it will provide you the chance to perceive the world from a different point of view by communicating with a lot of French speakers around the globe.


A Bridge for Various other European Languages

When you have proficiency in this beautiful language, it will have a significant effect when you begin learning any other Romance language, including Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian. There is the presence of a lot of French words that are found in or closely associated with English and other Romance languages.


The Difficulty Level of Learning French


You would be curious to know how long it takes to learn the French language. With the appropriate language learning techniques, interest, perseverance, excellent trainer, and right motivation, you can master French in a considerable span. Now its time that you contact the educational counselors of Softlogic and know more about the career prospects of French.


Benefits of Learning French from ETI

  • The French course can be personalized as per your need
  • The French trainers are also aware of the French culture and ethos. You will get an insight into that too.
  • You will get to know the several career options that are open to you when you learn French from ETI.

French Language Course Fees and Duration

French Language Training Duration
Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 30 – 40 Days 5 Weekends According to your Convenience
Hours 2 hours a day 6 hours a day Fits your Requirements
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom

French Language Exams: DELF/DALF

  • A1 – beginners
  • A2 – upper elementary
  • B1 – intermediate
  • B2 – advanced
  • C1 – very advanced
  • C2 – mastery

After you learn French from ETI, you will gain confidence in French and will be able to clear these exams easily.

Well, what are you waiting for? We at Softtogic have understood the importance of French training and hence have carefully crafted the course. Voila! It’s time that you study French from our expert trainers