Edison Play School

Edison Play School
A little seed for me to sow
A little soil to make it grow
A little hole, a little pat,
A little wish, and that is that,
A little sun, a little shower
A little while
And then, a flower!
Our Programs
Kindergartens are a place where the mental development of a child takes place. Get best KG information here!
Nursery Schools
Our Nursery School is designed to get children ready for higher schooling along with unmatched facilities.
We aim to contribute in your child's better future, with lots of fun and interesting activities for them!
Pre School
A safe, creative and fun environment to foster your child's creativity, self-expression & motivation.
360 Degree Learning
Students have the opportunity to engage in whole groups, small groups as well as individual pursuits.
Extra-Curricular Activities
Kids get a platform to engage in activities such as reading, writing & discussion that helps them explore new skills.
Nutrition & Health
We feed the kids fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain snack items & avoid sugar-infused beverages.
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