Became a solution consultant because We had learned so much about the how and why, but had not been in a position to have the kind of impact we believed we could in order to truly help people become more successful in their:
Preparation for acquiring a new solution.
Understanding the value a new solution would bring to the achievement of corporate goals, and
Achieving professional success.
we experienced how truly transformational this perspective was for customer success at all levels of organizations. My commitment was to do the very best we could for my customers. we had seen their dissatisfaction when they had been sold solutions they did not completely understand or buy in to. My perspective was to prepare them to buy so they could see the vision of their success, understand the value of their contribution to organizational success, and buy in to accepting the challenges associated with change because they wanted to be part of the solution. Almost every prospect and customer we worked with talked about having been sold solutions they did not understand or been told to implement solutions they knew would not make the difference they needed to; they were always waiting for the “other shoe to drop” and having issues with other teams who did not implement their work the way they needed it. When we worked together we all saw the vision, worked together, saw challenges as opportunities to find a way to succeed.
we worked with public and private companies of different sizes across industries so I could understand the breadth of issues they face.  often found the people we was working with were not part of the initial evaluation of needs, evaluation of solutions, included in understanding how their areas of responsibility impacted other parts of the organization where issues originated, or provided an environment where they could focus on successfully implementing, and transitioning their area of the organization for, a new solution. 
became a sales representative to work with organizational executives to prepare them to transition the successful implementation of their corporate goals throughout the organization and identify the origin of issues that may impact their success. we worked with each level of the organization to prepare them to understand their needs as it related to achieving the corporate goals and clearly visualize the importance of the connection of their responsibilities for successfully achieving the goals with each other organizational level. When they were clear in those areas, they could create a common communication style inclusive of all team members, internal and external, and create a mindset of embracing their new path to success. we worked with small businesses to understand the issues they faced as they grow and transitioned from starting up to achieving wide spread recognition and success. we are worked with Fortune 10 companies to understand complex corporate and global issues, and we worked with both public and private companies to understand the differences between how they operated.
we have held several titles during my roles in what is traditionally called sales. From the very beginning I make a distinction to the prospects, customers, internal teams, and the external partners we work with; we will never sell anyone anything. My philosophy is to prepare you to buy. we are your partner in your success and when we enable your success, we successful.
(this is the role traditionally called sales but we are committed myself from the beginning to never sell anyone anything; more on this here.) and have worked with a wide range of organizations from micropreneurs to Fortune 10 corporations.